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Hearing strange noises coming from your water heater tank? Have it checked by a professional plumber as soon as possible. At Plumber Cammeray, we ensure to achieve excellence in the delivery of affordable plumbing services. Our hot water services are fully qualified to handle all types of hot water issues.

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Hot Water Installation in Cammeray

There was water everywhere! Kelsey stared at her laundry in dismay. It was gushing from her hot water system, pouring over the floor and under the back door. It was pooling against her cupboards and already the timber was starting to look a little waterlogged. “Alfred!” she called loudly, “do you have the number for a Plumber?”

The Plumber was there barely an hour later. Even though it was 8pm on a Friday, the phone had been answered quickly, Kelsey had been instructed to turn off water to the hot water system, and the appointment had been booked! The water had stopped flowing and the back door in the laundry had been thrown open. There were still puddles of water Kelsey was in the progress of sweeping out the door. The Plumber inspected the tank for them. “You’re in luck,” he told Kelsey and Alfred as they hung over his shoulder anxiously, “the tank is fine. Whoever installed your tank didn’t install it correctly.” “It was here when we bought the house,” Kelsey responded a little defensively. “Where’s all the water coming from then?” Alfred cut in. The Plumber picked up a hose and showed them. “This flexible hose is an illegal connection,” he informed them, “your hot water system needs to be connected with copper piping. The hot water and the pressure of constant use causes the flexible pipe to weaken and eventually burst. The result is-” he gestured at the room. He told them how much it would be and then set to work as they agreed with his quote.

Once he was finished, Kelsey asked if he could check the other flexible hoses under the sinks, just to make sure they were in good condition. So the Cammeray Plumber did a walk through, testing the taps and checking the hoses. He gave the rest of the house a clean bill of health, tidied up his worksite and even swept out the last couple of puddles!

For a service you can rely on, call your local Cammeray Plumber for a stress free resolution to your hot water system dramas! Call now on 0488 886 330!

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